Employment law can be complex and work issues all consuming, here is a quick overview of why HR Solver’s fixed cost HR and Employment Law Advice Service is the smart choice for people in the workplace;

  1. We have a 10 day plan that allows ‘UNLIMITED’ queries and questions on Employment Law and HR work-related questions. No need to keep ringing a call centre back or going into a branch to explain the situation all over again each time. Our HR experts have your conversation history at their fingertips.
  2. We typically respond in 15 minutes – know that your issue has been picked up by our HR Experts right away and that we are on your side.
  3. Unlike telephone support you have your answers all written down in black and white so you can easily refer to them.
  4. We are available 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and Sundays from 2pm to 9pm to answer your burning HR and Employment questions (this is available in paid plans). Other services sometime only start at 10am and close at 4pm.
  5. The average Employment Solicitor charges £300+VAT an hour. That’s £50 for 10 minutes of advice, we have three easy to understand unlimited advice plans; A FREE 24 hour plan, A 10 day plan and a 3 Month plan. See more here.
  6. If we can’t answer your questions satisfactorily we will give you a full refund, guaranteed.
  7. We are impartial and have no political or company agenda.
  8. The FAQ’s section covers most of the common everyday HR questions in simple easy to understand language. No more scrolling through Google to try and get your answer.
  9. Our HR Experts explain your rights and options based on your specific circumstances.

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FREE GUIDE to determine if you have a good Employment tribunal Case

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How to write a powerful appeal letter so your employer takes you seriously.

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If you have been dismissed (sacked) or issued with a disciplinary warning this detailed and effective training enables you to write a fabulous and effective appeal letter. Includes, templates, timelines and training.

FREE Disciplinary Meeting Checklist Download

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