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How does the free 24hrs advice trial work?

You don’t need a credit card only your email address to start your free trial. Your 24 hours is activated at the time your first response is sent from a HR Solver expert.  You will be notified by email when you have received a response. You can then jump back on the same device and webpage and see your response and reply or ask more questions. 

Do I need to provide an email address?

Yes. To ensure we can reply to your advice question and quality check our advice and manage your case we require your email address. After your Free Trial we will close your session from our system. You are only able to get one free session in 12 months.

Do you offer a phone call advice session?

Yes in our ‘intensive support’ plan you can speak with your dedicated expert by phone in one call, when you feel you need it. This is in addition to continuously corresponding by message as part of your plan. 

How qualified are your advisors??

Our Experts have years of experience of advising on employee relations cases. Often with formal training in Employment Law and working with employers advising them on legal and organisational practices. Our Experts know employment law and what process employers legally must follow to be fair and when employers have tripped up.

Our experts are members of the CIPD, chartered institute for Personnel Development

Can I cancel a paid plan any time?

Our plans are not subscriptions you will not be charged continuously, only once, when you opt for your chosen plan. 

What work problems do you support with?

We can support you with basic questions on your employment contractual entitlements and work rights, such as, holiday taking and holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity rights, changing working hours and deductions of pay through to more complicated questions on disciplinary process, warnings and dismissals. We will also give you help on investigations and suspension from work appealing and employment tribunal processes.   

What if I am getting advice and my free trial expires?

If you need to continue getting advice and your advice session is due to expire or has expired, you can upgrade at the end of your 24 hours and your previous free advice session and previous dialogue will be reinstated. 

Is Employment Law different in the UK?

 Yes. Employment law is very slightly different in England and Wales, compared to Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, the differences are subtle and largely inconsequential. The main differences arise in settlement agreements and in the employment tribunal system including; costs/expenses, witness contributions in Employment tribunals. There are significantly more differences for employment law in Northern Ireland so if you are based there, please flag this to your expert. 

Courses to appeal decisions

Do you need to write an appeal letter to appeal a disciplinary decision against a warning or your termination? Or need to appeal redundancy. Want the letter to state your case professionally and really make your employer take notice?

Courses on going To employment tribunal

Considering going to employment tribunal without a solicitor? It is possible to do it yourself and win! We have courses to help you learn the legal jargon and understand the process and take the fear away from representing yourself.

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