At HR Solver we love the magnificent Dr Brene Brown, her top tips on leading in life personally, and at work, making us what she calls a ‘wholehearted’ leader include;

  1. Be vulnerable – this is when true human connection happens!
  2. Have boundaries. Boundaries are good. And Brene Brown’s research concludes that some of the most compassionate people are who they are because they have learned to say no.
  3. Be brave, be authentic.
  4. Sympathy helps no one, but being empathetic and putting the other person’s shoes on your feet, to see things from their perspective, is when true connection and empathy happens.
  5. Often it is just too easy for us to hide behind our own issues. Brown suggests ‘Blame’ is just an equation for Discomfort + Pain.
  6. Get comfortable with shame; we all feel it and it’s so powerful. It’s the deep seated fear that we’re just not good enough. Don’t let shame rule over your life.
  7. Take responsibility for your actions in your day to day. You do have a choice.

If you wish to learn more, as a first step watch Brene’s excellent first TedTalk.

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