Reverse employee engagement and survey

What more can I do for my employer and why should I do it? There is a train of thought that in this life you’ve got to ‘give’ to ‘get’…

Is that something you subscribe to?

Many employees feel that they turn up, do their best, often going the ‘extra mile’ and still get treated poorly at work.

Many employers feel that they pay employees for this work. Sometimes, handsomely, sometimes not so much and their perspective is, why should employees get anything more?

In the discipline of HR there is a theory that improves worker motivation and supposedly in turn employee productivity called ‘employee engagement’. Without going in depth into the theory, in short, it means, if employers go the extra mile to give employees a great experience of work which can mean anything from better pay and benefits to more exciting jobs and wider trust and independence, the organisation will benefit longer term.

The benefits to the employer include; reduced labour turnover, better customer satisfaction from more motivated employees.

But what if this principle was turned on its head? Is it possible as an employee to give more to in turn get more? ‘More’ might be; career development, job satisfaction, promotion, more money, flexible working? Almost ‘reverse employee engagement’ if you will.

We’d be interested to hear your personal experiences to complete this article to discover if there such a concept of ‘reverse employee engagement’. Please vote and leave your thoughts here, it will take less than a minute. You can note any experiences you would like to share anonymously if you wish. Thanks in advance.

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