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So you’re thinking…..great another app…. what’s so special about HR Solver?

Well, other than all the free articles, calculators, entitlements and information on your rights in the workplace most importantly is that you can instantaneously message with a qualified, experienced HR advisor, who we call ‘HR Gurus’.  Therefore you can get advice on what do to in your specific situation from someone who knows employment law and HR practice in the UK.

There are hundreds of people all around the country at any time needing some help with work related issues. Many of these people do not have access the money that lawyers’ advice requires and often lawyers’ are only able to help you once employment has ended. But we understand that more often than not, your aim is not to end your employment, but just keep the job you have.

You can of course contact Citizens Advice or ACAS. However, we have found that these services are increasingly over run and while giving great impartial advice they are not available on a Sunday afternoon or 9.30pm on a Thursday night the day before your disciplinary hearing. Also you don’t then retain access to the advisor and the conversation that you had, in black in white and handy on your phone.

So who are our HR Gurus and why the flash term?

No our HR experts are not in fact American rappers in disguise.

Guru is a Sanskrit term that describes someone who is a “teacherguideexpert, or master” of certain knowledge or field, in our case HR and employment law. A Guru means the one who dispels the darkness and takes towards light. And that is our aim for all of our users. To give them help at their darkest moments at work and show them the light. Cheesy… we know!

Our HR Gurus are selected for their passion for HR solutions and helping people. Having worked in HR departments or employment law they want to ensure that employees get the same support and advice that employers often can pay to get. They know the law, they can see the angles and opportunities and often immediately identify where the law has been broken.

So how can you access this excellent advice and responsive service? Well we would say that wouldn’t we, but that’s also the reason we don’t offer a free trial subscription. Because you are actually chatting with a real person who is giving you advice. Because of this, we know that you will get value for money from the start of a plan and we want to maintain the quality of our service.

From the app, you can launch chat… see Step 1 below; in short, hit ‘Let’s get started’ and proceed to sign up.

Our chat option is £9 for 7 days unlimited chat for this period with our HR Gurus.

  • This is for unlimited messaging.
  • We are open Monday to Friday; 7am to 10pm and on Sundays from 2pm until 9pm.

Definitely the smart choice for people in the workplace? Download the app today for expert advice.

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Step 1

Step 2

Below is an example of a typical chat conversation with a HR Guru


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