6 tips to choosing a positive work attitude

Choose a positive attitude to motivate yourself and your colleague and help you get through a tough day at work.

The attitude you adopt at the workplace affects not only you, but those around you. Enthusiasm and optimism are contagious. Choose to be upbeat and positive, and others will soon be the same.

Five tips to help you stay upbeat:

  1. Smile- psychologists have found if you force yourself to smile, this act tricks your mind and body into believing you are happy. Then this disposition is created through hormones relaxing you and almost immediately improve your mood. We also know that smiling is contagious!
  2. Be cooperative and approachable.  Your cooperative attitude will be noted by others and reciprocated and you are likely to progress in your career quicker.
  3. Have open honest communication. Regular communication prevents many problems from occurring in the first place. Good communication also helps solve problems that pop up. And don’t be afraid to say you may have made a mistake or don’t understand. Be sure to keep your tone even and not defensive or attacking
  4. Stay calm. When you’re faced with a difficult situation, don’t allow emotions and pressure to affect how you communicate. If you feel your temper rising, explain that you need a minute to consider your response.
  5. Be part of the solution.  Don’t just identify a problem in the workplace… propose solutions and if you feel you have the autonomy implement. Good bosses will never be upset if you show you used your initiative with good reason.
  6. Share good news.  When something good happens share the news with others and sincerely acknowledge those who made it happen.

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