Have you just discovered you are pregnant?

….if so congratulations! All the very best for a healthy pregnancy. If this is your first child then it’s likely you may be a bit confused over your entitlements to maternity leave and pay and no wonder, it is not the simplest thing to work out!

Check out the calculators on the HR Solver app now, put your key dates in to our maternity calculator, namely your ‘due date’ and the date you would like to start your maternity leave on and it will work it all out for you, including;

  • The latest date you must be working for your current employer to qualify for maternity pay
  • The deadline for telling your employer you are pregnant
  • The day your statutory maternity pay will expire
  • The earliest date your maternity leave can start
  • The last day of your ordinary maternity leave
  • The last day of additional maternity leave

The app is regularly updated with maternity entitlements on pay and leave and includes a FAQ section with answers to questions like;

How long is maternity leave and am I entitled to maternity leave?

What am I entitled to be paid on maternity leave?

When should I tell my employer I am pregnant?

When does my maternity leave actually start?

Download the HR Solver app from the Apple and Google Play app stores today.