All employees have a right to a written contract of employment, however many people are reluctant to sign a contract of employment because they are not sure what they are signing up to.

Here are some tips for things to look for when you are reviewing your contract of employment.

  1. Check there are no blank spaces that should have been completed. If there are ask HR or your manager to complete these and reissue.
  2. Seems straightforward however check that your name, start date, pay, hours and job title are all correct. Very often you find typos in these areas as they are specific to each person.
  3. Your contract should state your rate of pay; either your hourly rate, a weekly wage or an annual salary amount and when this is paid.
  4. If there is reference made to an Employee Handbook or policies, check if they are contractual or not and ask to see these if they have not been issued.
  5. If you have been promised something in an interview or offer letter, such as a bonus, ask that this is reflected in your contract of employment.
  6. Review any notice period you are required to give, it should be the same as the notice your employer is required to give you in the case they are terminating you.
  7. Check out if there is a probationary period and pay attention to this. Ask your manager once in role what their expectations around your probationary period are.
  8. Look to check that your contract of employment is up to date. Oftentimes, contracts of employment are derived from templates. A good way to confirm how recently the contract of employment terms have been reviewed is by looking at the pension clause. It should mention that you will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme as this legal requirement that was introduced in recent years.

(Automatic enrolment is subject to earnings thresholds and other factors however, irrespective of your earnings the pension clause should still mention automatic enrolment even if it might not apply to you directly on your start date.)

If you have any questions about your rights on receiving a contract of employment, download the HR Solver app today to review our FAQ’s. You can also chat to our HR experts for more specific advice.