If you have been called for a disciplinary at work it can be an enormously worrying time and no doubt you will be feeling a lot of stress. It is incredibly important that you are well prepared and know your rights.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your disciplinary hearing;

  1. If you have been suspended you need to be aware this could be particularly ominous. Suspension should not be done lightly and is normally only activated where the conduct could be construed as ‘gross misconduct’. Gross misconduct is conduct that could warrant instant dismissal with no previous warning(s) being issued and no notice pay paid. Suspension isn’t always the right course of action, read more from HR Solver about suspension.
  2. Think about the role of the person hearing the disciplinary and making the decision about your ongoing employment. What do they want to hear? Remember their main task is to be fair and objective and weigh the case up in a balanced way, determining;
    1. The depth and fairness of the investigation and supporting evidence.
    2. The maliciousness and intent of any behaviour.
    3. The representations of the employee compared to the company’s case.
  3. Preparation is key.
      1. Review all evidence and supporting statements provided to you and make notes on the parts that need corrected.
      2. Write down all the points you want to make.
      3. Consider if you need to give any context; for example managers and colleagues behaviour that led up to you losing your temper.
      4. Your services and any unblemished record
      5. Good conduct and or client praise.

If you need help to prepare, feel your investigation has been unfair or disciplinary hearing flawed download the HR Solver app today and access support and advice from our HR experts. We can help you with the next steps and with making your points to your employer in any appeal or disciplinary hearing.