We’ve all done it, before we’ve fully thought about it…..  It’s out of our mouths…

Mum used to say, ‘Open your mouth and let your belly rumble’.

A minor badly timed question or quip normally gets a laugh, however, some badly positioned questions can be career dashing…

9 questions to avoid asking when talking with your boss, if you value your job…..equally if you don’t…. 😉

  1. Asking, in a rather direct tone, “What exact training and qualifications do you have….?.”
  2. “Did you pass all of your exams?…Really?!?…”
  3. “Is it is possible that you might “forget” to record the last time you were off sick on a Friday? HR don’t really need to know…. do they?” Completely overlooking the fact your boss and colleagues have had to pick up your work.
  4. “Do you think you’ll ever pick it up like John did?” John being their predecessor. Ouch!
  5. “What are you going to do to earn respect from this team?…They’re tough nuts to crack”
  6. “What’s your view on a wee drink at lunchtime?”
  7. “I know I am just back today, but it would be great if could prioritise approving my holiday request. Need to get it booked before the price goes up”
  8. “You must get loads of overtime”… unlikely managers are often paid a fixed salary and don’t get more for extra hours.
  9. “Any chance you can fast-track my expenses this month? Just so I have the cash for holiday.” Shows a bit of a, ‘it’s all about me attitude’ that bosses may take objection to.

This article is meant to bring a smile to your face as you secretly imagine your boss’s reaction to these questions; #guiltyworkpleasures. We know that you are smart people who like a bit of fun. Please share if you have enjoyed.

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