Imagine walking into your redundancy meeting and seeing the confidence in the manager facing you. Then leaving the meeting with them looking deflated, confused and unsure?
It is possible!
Are you at risk of redundancy?


If so, I’m very sorry to hear that.

We know how you must be feeling right now, it is likely you feel; shocked, angry, isolated and scared about the future.

You are not alone.

However, how satisfying would it be if you were able to save your job or just even show them you won’t take it lying down?

We have two really good podcast episodes, FREE for you to listen. They discuss the questions to ask in a redundancy consultation meeting.
You can listen below NOW.
So get preparing those difficult questions to bamboozle your manager and make them think again on the basis for your redundancy.


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We are here to help answer your questions, discuss your specific circumstances and ensure your employment rights are protected, you can book a call to get more specific help on your problem at work. Our HR and employment advice is not generic, your session is all about your situation and we aim to get you a solution and approach to fight your redundancy.

As well as access to an advisor we have free guides to help you determine if you have a strong case for employment tribunal.

We have helped a number of people in your situation and they have said the following;

“I would just like to say what you have going on here at HR Solver is absolutely fantastic I have recommended you to literally anyone who doesn’t know where to turn. Even the unions haven’t been as good as you have to me. Nobody seems to want to help.”

“Nothing has been too much trouble for you and the team. I thank you for all your patience and putting up with me and my essays.”

“Thank you, it’s comforting to have someone to speak to. I don’t know what I would have done without your advice.”

Do you want to avoid the most common errors people make when faced with redundancy?  Read our guide.



FREE GUIDE to determine if you have a good Employment tribunal Case

Not sure if you have a strong case or even any case at all for an employment tribunal?

Not sure if you should make a fuss? Feel lost and unsure? Download our free guide and in less than 5 minutes you'll know the answers and if you have a claim that might be worth something.

Learn how to get Compensation without going to Employment Tribunal.

BE your own Super CHAMPion

Learn everything you need to make a case for compensation in less than a week. Without the high cost of a lawyer, endlessly searching online and even going as far as an Employment Tribunal. If you are scared about going legal and having a drawn out process. We understand. If you just want to get some compensation to help rebuild your life, learn our proven tactics to get compensation through optimising the use of the statutory early conciliation process.


How to write a powerful appeal letter so your employer takes you seriously.

Learn how to create a powerful appeal letter which makes your employer really consider your case and understand that you are a force to be reckoned with...even if you are no good at letter writing.

If you have been dismissed  unfairly (sacked) or issued with a disciplinary warning with no process this detailed and effective training enables you to write a powerful appeal letter. Includes, templates, timelines and training.

online interview coming up?

Online interviews are definitely the future! If you need to reset your confidence levels for an online interview and not sure how to engage this course is for you. We cover the mindset and technology that you need to be successful and of course all the questions and the best responses and how to beat all the other candidates to the job. Plus there is an amazing session by a LinkedIn expert on how to impress and update your LinkedIn profile.


FREE Disciplinary Meeting Checklist Download

Never been to a disciplinary meeting? You're not alone! It's a scary thought. Worried about it being fair, how to act, what to say, what not to say and how to prepare? Download our free checklist so you go into the meeting feeling prepared, confident and able to challenge effectively. Our checklist will prepare you with everything you NEED to know.

redundancy appeal

redundancy APPEal Letter template

  Need to appeal your redundancy but not sure what to say and how to start? If you feel your redundancy was a sham or that redundancy has been used as an excuse or the company has not followed the lawful redundancy procedure. Download our quick and easy to use letter template an have your appeal letter ready in less than an hour. You'll write a professional, legally correct appeal letter stating your case intelligently. It is so easy to use as we've done all the work for you! Plus you can get support from a redundancy expert!