10 Ways to make sure you meet your Career goal

10 Ways to make sure you meet your Career goal.

  1. Focus on what your goal is; make it easy to articulate.
  2. Distil your goal into three easy first steps that you can take today.
  3. Imagine what you or the career goal will look like when you achieve it.
  4. Identify the main blocker to reaching the goal and ideate to get possible solutions.
  5. Tell people your goal; scary but this can often be the difference between a career dream staying a dream and your career goal becoming a reality.
  6. Write your goal on your mirror or dashboard so you remind yourself every day of it.
  7. Identify a role model and find out what they did to reach their goal.
  8. Read the careers section of any professional magazine, there are often senior people in your chosen profession answering the questions that you may be facing.
  9. Get a good mentor to hold you accountable to actions and making progress towards your goal.
  10. Don’t apologise or be embarrassed about being ambitious, it’s not a ‘dirty word’. The happiest people have a purpose in life.

Good luck and may all your dreams come true!

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