You may be considering the merits of downloading the HR Solver app and getting advice from our HR experts versus using ACAS and or Citizens Advice.

Often issues at work are not black and white. Sometimes there are multiple people involved, maybe there is history between you and your manager or even previous grievances or warnings. We understand that you need support which is why for only £9 you get a week’s unlimited advice* and we typically respond within 15 minutes.

With ACAS you speak to different advisors and their systems don’t capture your initial call or enquiry so you need to explain often complicated situations over and over again. In these cases you are then subject to different advice, which you don’t have a record of and which is often at most ‘vanilla’ in terms of helping you strategically fight against any action being taken against you. HR Solver comes from a real passion to collate the issues and legal points and make it clear to your employer you won’t be pushed over easily and that you understand your rights.

In our research the support from Citizens’ Advice can also vary dramatically from office to office as well as advisor to advisor. There is not a generic standard of support nationwide and you may have to wait days for an appointment with an advisor depending on resources locally. Not to mention then needing to go into an office. Additionally, in our research we discovered there was nobody ‘manning’ their online chat.

In fact when supporting a HR Solver user with a problem, we discovered that the Citizens Advice advisor was calling a UK wide company called Peninsula for guidance. The same company that was advising their employer and who in turn held the grievance and disciplinary hearings on their employer’s behalf… conflict of interest or what?!

At HR Solver we believe people deserve more. More than the free services can offer, but not at the horrendous cost of a lawyer. When your job is in the balance you can’t afford high legal fees. That’s why we are passionate about delivering a great service and excellent advice at an incredibly low cost.

So if you really want sincere support and consistent advice from people that care about getting the best outcome for you download the HR Solver app today and chat to our HR experts.