Focus On: Calculators

We all love a calculator; not only is it a great no-nonsense tool that helps our everyday life, a calculator that computes our entitlements to money or leave is even better.

HR Solver has three calculators at present, a redundancy calculator, a maternity leave and pay calculator and a holiday entitlement calculator. The holiday entitlement calculator, calculates entitlement in both days and hours. So if you work part time and different hours each day you can always be clear on your annual entitlement.

So how can you access these calculators? The HR Solver app, free to download and in the android and iOS app stores, has a ‘resources section’. At the top of this resources list is the ‘Calculators’ option.

HR Solver has focused on simplicity and unlike other calculators or the government calculators, you can quickly input all of your information on one page on your phone and hit ‘calculate’ for an instance answer.

Our calculators are also up to date; correct and live for 2018 figures and the redundancy calculator is updated annually as the government announces the increase to the redundancy cap each April.

For even greater ease, HR Solver is designed so that if you have previously accurately completed your profile information on set up, both our redundancy and maternity calculators will pull through relevant data such as your date of birth, salary and start date with your current employer.


In the App images you can see that, where applicable our calculators also give explanations to help you understand how the computation is made. The maternity calculator is particularly helpful breaking down;

  • The latest date you must have been working for your current employer to qualify for maternity pay
  • The deadline for telling your employer you are pregnant
  • The day your statutory maternity pay will expire
  • The earliest date your maternity leave can start, this is important if you are suffering from pregnancy related illness and finally;
  • The last day of your ordinary maternity leave and additional maternity leave.

We hope that you find these calculators helpful and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch. We also have plans for more calculators to make employees and self-employed workers lives easier, we’d love to hear your suggestions. So get in touch today.